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Positive First Impressions – Create a Floor Care Strategy

Facility managers should consider developing and implementing a comprehensive floor care strategy with their janitorial provider that enhances a building’s appearance while also providing safety benefits. The floor is one of the first things customers and visitors notice when entering a building, so floor care should not be overlooked when developing the scope of work. Both daily and long-term floor care solutions should be considered.

Immediate Care & Long-Term Protection

Any floor care plan should include cleaning tasks that are completed on a routine basis, and processes that are designed for long-term benefit.

Most flooring, regardless of material, requires daily and weekly cleaning to maintain safety and appearance. Daily tasks for carpet should include vacuuming of high traffic areas and spot cleaning offices and cubicles. A full vacuum should be included once per week. Shampooing of carpets should be scheduled regularly and not requested when a traffic pattern can be seen. Hard surface floors require daily sweeping and mopping, but a more detailed scrubbing should be included weekly or at least monthly depending on traffic patterns. Burnishing waxed floors regularly will help remove dirt that does not easily come off with mopping and provide a visually appealing shine.

When it comes to long-term floor protection, facility managers should strongly consider installing mats to keep dirt and debris from entering a facility. Mats should also be considered under office chairs. Chair wheels can damage carpet and waxed floors fairly quickly. Mats also provide safety benefits for customers and employees, these products can also protect a facility from costly lawsuits.

Although it may be tempting to pick a plan low on cost and frequency, be sure to consider the long-term investment and labor implications as well. Consider a scrub and wax service rather than a complete strip and refinishing – this will extend the life of your initial waxing and save you money – a scrub and wax takes less time and labor to complete. As for carpets, shampooing once a year will not remove all the dirt brought in on shoes. Add a traffic lane shampoo at least quarterly for those high traffic areas.

Janitorial companies should work with you on the floor care plan and should be able to offer suggestions on ways to effectively care for your floors. 

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